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 Like a Library Burning

Sharing and Saving  a Lifetime of Stories

Most people donít realize they have amassed a fortune over their lifetime, a fortune in wisdom, insight, and life-lessons. This human treasure is at serious risk if it is not shared and saved. Like a Library Burning addresses the why and the how of protecting and passing on a lifetime of stories and explains how to improve our lives here and now by examining and expressing our personal stories. This practical, timely book can help you preserve and enhance your true wealth: the richness and meaning of your life, your relationships with those you love most, and your power and influence for good in the world, both now and when youíre gone.







Closing The Gap

A Revolutionary Approach to Client Services

This book is a concise introduction to the key elements in the SunBridge system. It describes a revolutionary approach to client and donor services for financial professionals and estate planners seeking a truly client-centered model of practice, where the advisor meets the client at whatever level the client may be, and then invites the client to moveóat the clientís paceóto increasingly more profound levels of advisor/client relationship. Ultimately, at Level Three, the professional advisor serves the client as an architect of sorts, helping the client define and design a future of greater abundance, purpose, and significance, and then as a general contractor in turning the clientís vision into reality. In the end, the result of this transformational way of working with clients is that professional advisors are likewise able to able to enjoy greater abundance, purpose, and significance in their own lives.







Double Your Sales

An Honest and Authentic Approach to Professional Selling

Double Your Sales is a 12-step program for professionals who are sick and tired of losing sales. Itís powerful medicine for salespeople who want to boost their business by being themselves, telling the truth, and helping customers address their real concerns. Double Your Sales is not for everyone. Itís not for those who believe a salesperson canít be honest and authentic and still ďclose the deal;Ē who believe customers must be pressured by artificial urgency; or who believe they already know all there is to know about selling. Double Your Sales is a proven remedy for those seeking to recover from poor sales results. Hereís to your health!




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