Scott is available to present a variety of keynote, break-out, team-building, and motivational speeches for a wide variety of audiences.  For more topics and speaking fees please contact us directly at admin@sunbridgenetwork.com or call us at 407-593-2386.

Here is a partial list of topics he can present to your group:

  • Stories That Sell: An Honest and Authentic Approach to Doubling Your Sales

  • The Philanthropic Power of the Legacy Story: Greater Giving Through Deeper Connections

  • Like a Library Burning: Saving and Sharing a Lifetime of Stories

  • The Meaning of Money: What You Can Learn from Your Clientsí Money Stories

  • Twelve Secrets About Stories: Unlocking the Power of Your Narrative Assets

  • The Light House: Large Truths from Small Treasures

  • Closing the Gap: Ten Truths for Professional Advisors  


"Dear Scott (Legacy Coach Extraordinaire), Thank you so much for encouraging me to attend the Legacy Builder Retreat. It put an even bigger new spring in my step! Iím interviewing my mom this weekend and am on a mission! I bought your books Double Your Sales and Like a Library Burning  and canít get enough. Thanks for your inspiration and wisdom."

"It was great to meet you at both the AiP conference and the SLPGC Summer Conference. Thank you for your participation and for the difference you make the lives of so many!! FYI the overall conference evaluations have been fantastic.  Thanks again for everything!"

"Incredibly powerful presentation! Thank you for reminding us why we do what we do."

"Very compelling!"

"Thank you for a truly amazing and humbling experience on Friday in St. Louis. I was honored to participate in your Legacy Chat workshop and to share and learn from you and all my fellow participants. Thank you for the sincerity and depth of your work and the generosity with which you share it."

"Great meeting -- liked his stories that shows why stories are so powerful."

"Good storytelling and understanding how to ask the donors their stories"

"Inspiring, will make an impact in my life."

"Very moving presentation which demonstrates the importance of the conversation and the story."

"Amazing and empowering."

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